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Monthly Archives: May 2023

“Big Brother” Tesla’s is watching

“Big Brother” Tesla’s is watching     Tesla is accused of violating privacy concerns linked with their car’s surveillance cameras.           In a lawsuit filed by vzbv (The Federation of German Consumer Organizations)  in Berlin last July accuses Tesla misled consumers by not informing them by advertising their cars owners may be violating privacy data protection laws if the “sentry” mode feature which activates surveillance cameras in their cars was used in public areas to capture images and video of passers-by without their knowledge.  Berlin’s data protection agency said the person driving the car would be responsible for turning off the cameras in public spaces or risk prosecution.  Furthermore responsibility would extend to the carmaker if those images were transmitted to and stored by Tesla.      Then earlier this year Tesla assured the public their pr ... read more

Volvo’s Polestar first to get YouTube

Volvo’s Polestar first to get YouTube     Google announced in early May, all cars with “Google built in” will have YouTube available on their screens beginning with Volvo’s electric division Polestar.   According to the company YouTube will only be available while parked and for passenger use.  The ability to access YouTube directly from the front dash display screen increases the convenience.  Cars will also be equipped with rear seat screens for backseat passenger entertainment and enjoyment.       However, YouTube in cars is not new.  Previously many newer vehicles could access YouTube through Android Auto, an app that runs through an android phone which then communicates wirelessly with the vehicle and allows the driver to access most of their phone apps through the car display.    “Google built in” will now provide access to Google apps without the use of a phone.  The ... read more

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