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Category Archives: Auto Repair in Berkeley

National Automotive Professional Certification Group partners with famous woman technician

National Automotive Professional Certification Group partners with famous woman technician   Bogi Lateiner, American auto technician, small business owner, technical educator and reality television personality and star of “All Girls Garage” has been contracted by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) to help promote testing and attract more people to join the industry.    The partnership is scheduled to launch in July at the ASE Training Conference in North Carolina.  Conference attendees are expected to include high school and college instructors and will have the opportunity to meet Lateiner at the event.     Lateiner has 10 years experience working as an industry management instructor and co-creator of “Girl Gang Garage” a program that trains women looking to enter the automotive industry.  A very busy lady indeed, in addition to hosting her television show Lateiner  ... read more

Fourth largest automaker seeks eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Fourth largest automaker seeks eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries Stellantis, a multinational company between Italian conglomerate Fiat Chrysler and French PSA group responsible for sales of 16 different car brands including Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Chrysler is looking to invest in Silicon Valley based company, Lyten whose plan is to produce lithium-sulfur EV batteries.  If successful this would eliminate the need for cobalt, nickel and manganese in the production of EV batteries.  Instead they would be made with sulfur which could be domestically sourced eliminating the need to import from countries like Ukraine and China. Another plus is the sulfur-lithium batteries are estimated to have a carbon footprint 60% lower than the best lithium-ion batteries on the market today and can be manufactured in the same factories as well.  Stellantis is hoping to be in on the ground floor when these batteries are developed by Lyten. This is great news ... read more

“Big Brother” Tesla’s is watching

“Big Brother” Tesla’s is watching     Tesla is accused of violating privacy concerns linked with their car’s surveillance cameras.           In a lawsuit filed by vzbv (The Federation of German Consumer Organizations)  in Berlin last July accuses Tesla misled consumers by not informing them by advertising their cars owners may be violating privacy data protection laws if the “sentry” mode feature which activates surveillance cameras in their cars was used in public areas to capture images and video of passers-by without their knowledge.  Berlin’s data protection agency said the person driving the car would be responsible for turning off the cameras in public spaces or risk prosecution.  Furthermore responsibility would extend to the carmaker if those images were transmitted to and stored by Tesla.      Then earlier this year Tesla assured the public their pr ... read more

Volvo’s Polestar first to get YouTube

Volvo’s Polestar first to get YouTube     Google announced in early May, all cars with “Google built in” will have YouTube available on their screens beginning with Volvo’s electric division Polestar.   According to the company YouTube will only be available while parked and for passenger use.  The ability to access YouTube directly from the front dash display screen increases the convenience.  Cars will also be equipped with rear seat screens for backseat passenger entertainment and enjoyment.       However, YouTube in cars is not new.  Previously many newer vehicles could access YouTube through Android Auto, an app that runs through an android phone which then communicates wirelessly with the vehicle and allows the driver to access most of their phone apps through the car display.    “Google built in” will now provide access to Google apps without the use of a phone.  The ... read more

What’s A DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection)?

What’s A DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection)?           Now that Berkeley Bob’s has added this beneficial service to all of our oil maintenance services, we’d like our clients to know more about them.  So what is a digital vehicle inspection aka DVI?  It is a 23 point vehicle inspection that digitally documents in a variety of ways any areas of concern.  Depending on what the technician notices, they will either mark the item green (tests good, no problem), yellow (monitor and recheck later) or red (needs attention and repair).  The technician can expand on any inspected item by creating detailed notes next to the line item.  These notes can include basic information such as: “timing belt sticker missing” or “spark plugs due by mileage” or more pressing issues like “brake pads are worn to metal backing plate” or “water pump shows signs of leakage”.  ... read more

Honda Electrical Repairs

Honda Electrical Systems Diagnostics and Repair One might be surprised by the electronic complexity of the average Honda. With plenty of modern-day luxuries found within your Honda, an issue with the electrical system can be disastrous for any owner.  With how intricate the average car’s electronic system is, diagnosing and repairing any issues will be difficult for anyone who isn’t a trained technician. Problems can range in severity, from simply dim headlights all the way up to preventing your car from starting. Parts Of A Honda Electrical System Your Honda’s electrical system is made up of the following components. Battery. Your battery stores electrical energy that is used for your starter motor, ignition system, and lights. If your battery doesn’t have enough stored energy you will have issues starting your Honda, or it may not start at all. Your battery is something that will have to be replaced ... read more

Honda Suspension Repair

Your Honda’s suspension is responsible for ensuring that your ride is as smooth as it can be. A typical Honda suspension consists of both a strut and spring. These components allow the car to stay level even if the road itself is bumpy. The struts function to dampen the springs and prevent the vehicle from bouncing constantly after hitting a bump. The suspension is crucial to not only the ride comfort of your Honda but also its overall handling and control. A Honda suspension repair should be conducted if you have noticed that your ride quality has decreased and if you find that you don’t have as much control over the vehicle as you once did. Honda Suspension Repair ReasonsBumpy Ride. After driving your Honda, you will have undoubtedly are accustomed to its smooth ride. That’s why when road trips become bumpy, it’s easy to notice the difference in ride quality. If you are finding your daily drive to be filled with more bounc ... read more

Honda Repair in Berkeley, California

While Honda makes reliable cars, it is inevitable that some owners will be unfortunate enough to face some issues with their Honda during their ownership. At Berkeley Bob’s we offer complete Honda care. While cars have become better adapted for their use on the road, easier for the driver to operate and increased reliability at the same time they have become highly complex machines with dozens of computerized controls.  When they fail, your Honda can run up against a myriad of potential problems. These issues can range from minor inconveniences to concerns that are completely immobilizing. Below are some of the most common Honda repairs that you may encounter. Common Honda Repairs Transmission Issues. Issues with the transmission will be hard to ignore and are very apparent. Typical issues with the transmission will result in jerky shifts between gears that will prevent the car from accelerating smoothly. Other erratic shifts might result in the car sudde ... read more

Lexus Service and Repair in Berkeley

Lexus vehicles have become synonymous with luxury and quality. They are the embodiment of Japanese drive for quality - both in design and production. At Berkeley Bob’s we provide quality Lexus services and repairs that match Lexus manufacturer’s dedication and quality. Our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), will use latest digital tools to diagnose and repair your Lexus. We also provide customer service that matches our technical excellence. Our Berkeley auto repair facility can provide your Lexus with a broad range of maintenance services and repairs, including, but not limited to: Brake System Maintenance and Repairs Factory Maintenance & Oil Services Fluid & Transmission Services Electrical System Diagnostics and Repairs Check Engine Light Diagnostics Shock Absorbers, Suspension and Steering Repairs We use latest digital tools to talk to your Lexus’ onboard computers, and all work performed at B ... read more

Prius Maintenance Services and Repair in Berkeley, CA

Toyota Prius vehicles are a remarkable design – except for regular maintenance they rarely require professional attention. Many a Prius have gone 200,000 miles or more with regular service. At Berkeley Bob’s we are Prius specialists, and can provide your vehicle with comprehensive maintenance services, as well as repairs, should your Prius need such.  Our nationally certified ASE technicians are equally comfortable working on gasolines engine as they are dealing with the high voltage system on a Prius including the battery. All our technicians have undergone extensive and continual hybrid vehicle training that allows them to perform any hybrid repairs your Prius may require.  Our family owned and operated Berkeley auto repair shop can offer your Prius a broad range of services including:  Factory Maintenance & Oil Services (particularly important since Prius vehicles are known for rapid oil consumption sometimes as much as 1 quart per 1000 miles drive ... read more

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