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Category Archives: Hyundai Repair

Hyundai/Kia to Resolve Class Action Suit

Hyundai/Kia to Resolve Class Action Suit           An agreement has been reached in the consumer class action litigation against Hyundai and Kia auto manufacturers.  This comes as many Kia and Hyundai car owners had their vehicles stolen, the result of inadequate ignition security.  All the cars involved did not have a push button ignition or an immobilizing anti-theft device.  These standard security measures are commonplace on vehicle manufactured by other car makers and are to prevent such heists.               Following a historically low year of thefts for Hyundai and Kia autos, a “challenge” video went viral describing how to quickly break into and steal 2011-2022 year vehicles caused a giant spike in thefts.  The repair demand for the recovered vehicles caused not only a unprecedented need for ignition parts which left manufacturers scramblin ... read more


Hyundai Repair

Hyundai Motor Company Goes Green – Soy Wiring Insulation

Engine electrical wiring harnesses have traditionally been coated with a covering that is made from petroleum based plastic, this covering is called insulation.  However, Hyundai along with a few other manufacturers (Toyota, Kia, Subaru and Honda) made an effort to change tradition and move in a “green” direction.  That is they decided to go eco-friendly (and safe a few bucks in the process) and change their vehicle wiring harness insulation composition to a soy based “bioplastic” product.  This new material will keep the plastic insulation out of landfills, be biodegradable and of course be cheaper to manufacturer.          That’s all good right?  Not so, as it turns out a group of rodents or rats and mice, to be exact,  found out about the new cache of soy based wire insulation being stored under the hoods of Hyundai automobiles everywhere.  The rodents not only feast on the (yummy?) ... read more


Hyundai Repair
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