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Okay yelpers... here's the deal, If you have a Volvo you have to have to have a Volvo mechanic. Not a guy that does it all, not a guy that specializes in euro cars, not a guy that worked on one one time in the 90's whilst on a synthetic drug wearing glitter.... A Volvo mechanic. These cars a just too quirky and have volvo specific problems. Believe me, good Volvo mechanic will be able to diagnose your problems faster than your therapist can say childhood issues. That being said Bobs is good. Chris the main man at the front desk is an enthusiast and active in the local bay-area volvo club check out his super modified wagon... It'll beat your cheesy boxster and knows and loves volvos. These guys will take in your car, give it the love it deserves and send you on your way. check 'em out.


I just took my Volvo in to Bob's for a batch of little repairs. Their price was waaay lower than McKevitt's why are dealers always so expensive? and the service was friendly and fast. They called me about two hours after I had dropped it off to give me an update; McKevitt always takes about a day to get back to you. I've brought my car to Bob's a few times over the years, and I've never really had a problem. The only reason I haven't gone exclusively to them is that one time their computers indicated that some software hadn't been installed in my car, and the dealer said it had. I never found out who was right, but I have read that dealerships have the most up-to-date machinery for checking these things, so I was inclined to think Bob's was wrong. However, they did a great job today, and I'll definitely be going back.


I've always had great, efficient and affordable service at Bob's. They are great at communicating with you before doing any costly work a bonus in my book and do not snicker if you're not the most mechanically-minded driver out there another plus.Last time I went there with a worry about a tire issue, they checked it out, did a quick fix and charged me NOTHING for their time. They have a loyal customer in me.


I used to go to the dealer to repair my Volvo, which of course was a bad idea, and repeatedly they charged me lots of money, and a couple times they really screwed up, leading to my having the car towed twice in a week. Also, they forgot to do a bunch of things during their servicing, which I only found out like a year later.Bob's has stayed late, waiting for me when my car broke down on the Bay Bridge no less, they've picked me up and dropped me off for no charge of course, and they've repaired stuff for less than they estimated, which they didn't need to do. Plus, when I ask them to explain exactly what everything does I'm not a car person, but I do have an engineering degree, they explain, not treating me like some dumb woman like the dealer does. So, maybe I am a dupe, since I don't know much about cars, but so far I've had nothing but pleasant experiences there. WAY better than the dealership, anyway.

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