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Your Volvo Repair Consultant in Berkeley

When you arrive at Berkeley Bob’s you step into a world full of Volvo repair knowledge and skill.  We begun as a Volvo only shop and have grown into much more.  At Berkeley Bob’s your Volvo will be in good hands and will benefit from the talent and expertise of our crew alongside the 30+ years of repair experience.

Our Volvo technicians are lead by Sean Stephens, an ASE master technician. Sean is a creative, talented and accomplished expert who has been driving only Volvos since he first starting working on them.  He appreciates the Volvo’s safety and design.  He has been finding solutions to the problems these vehicles face for over 30 years. Recently Sean has been asked by Volvo to write for a technical magazine called Volvo Techtips.  He has written many of the feature articles which appear in the quarterly publication.   It is currently the premier technical resource for independent Volvo specialists throughout the U.S.

Berkeley Bob’s is one of only a few independent shops in the area to offer programming on Volvo specific parts and able to perform downloads for updated component software.  A shop must use VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales) to program Volvos.  Because the VIDA tool and operation is expensive and complex and requires an annual subscription fee, not a lot of repair shops bother to invest and learn how to operate the system.  At Berkeley Bob’s we were one of the first independent repair shops to start using the tool which requires specialty training to successfully operate.   Sean has actually written multiple articles for other technicians on how to use the VIDA tool.  We are the premier Volvo repair shop for repairs that require VIDA and have actually been providing VIDA reprogramming for many years to other independent repair shops working on Volvos.

Our trained technicians use the VIDA tool frequently to access the onboard diagnostic system and wiring schematics of your Volvo when you’re experiencing drivability problems like poor gas mileage, loss of acceleration or stalling.  The Volvo experts at Berkeley Bob’s can pull the trouble codes and begin to diagnose the cause(s) of the symptom and then follow the steps to isolate the route problem.  Once the root problem has been identified we will proceed with your authorization of course, to replace or repair the worn component.  We also can use the VIDA tool to prepare your Volvo for a new part install by setting up a communication path with Volvo of North America and your car’s network.  The pathway allows Volvo of North American to program the new part to work with your specific car’s main computer and other parts.  The programming is essential in completing Volvo repairs.  Not every car or every repair requires this service but as you would think the newer the car, the more programmable components it has.

Our Volvo diagnostics department is open to handle any issue you may have on your Volvo.  We use all the resources we have to help us determine if your Volvo’s concern may be the result of a factory recall.  We search the technical journals for similar case studies and check the technical bulletins for suggested repair upgrades.  Not unlike doctors we do our homework to ensure we treat your car confidently and correctly.

Berkeley Bob’s has many years experience sourcing parts, specialty fluids and supplies for your Volvo.  We have created partnerships with Volvo part vendors across the county to provide our clients with the best available and superior quality replacement parts.  We have pioneered many of the aftermarket upgrades available now to Volvo owners.  Our knowledge of Volvo automobiles allows us to source the correct part for your vehicle.

So the next time your Volvo is in need of specialty care, give us a call we’ll be ready for you.

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