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Lexus Service & Repair

Lexus RC-F

Welcome to Berkeley Bob’s, your premier Berkeley Lexus Service and Repair center. The first luxury brand from the Japanese automaker, Toyota. Lexus defines its driver as a professional seeking performance, style and reliability in addition to longevity in an automobile. Lexus has been sold in the USA since 1989. And for almost thirty years has proven itself a valuable contender in the luxury import market competing with the likes of Mercedes Benz.

American drivers enjoy the Lexus for quietness, acceleration and handling. Many models are equipped stock with air suspension which provides a superior, smooth, cushy ride. At Berkeley Bob’s we see these systems deteriorate with age and recommend replacement with factory parts or upgrading to sport suspension. In most cases these repairs are not essential but will be one of the single most noticeable changes to your car’s comfort that can be done.

Maintenance is key with these finely engineered automobiles. Scheduling and performing regular oil services including transmission fluid changes are critical and ensure their dependability. In addition, brake fluid flushes and engine coolant replacement are advised every three years or 30,000 miles. All automotive fluids degrade with time regardless of mileage, including synthetics. Dirty, thick fluid is the main cause of premature mechanical wear due to lack of lubrication. Berkeley Bob’s can provide quality servicing for your Lexus regardless of mileage.

Factory maintenance services and timing belt replacements are essential and part of the upkeep of the Lexus automobile. The timing belt should be replaced at manufacturer suggested mileage and in many cases every 60,000 miles if the vehicle is driven in stop and go traffic or left idling for long periods.

Lexus is a performance vehicle and by having your car serviced at Berkeley Bob’s we keep your car driving its best. If your car is experiencing minor mechanical issues that may be affecting the performance we advise you to schedule a visit right away. Are you noticing anything new and different about the car? A slight vibration or intermittent noise could be an indicator that something is wrong. Remember early detection is the best way to prevent costly repairs and inconvenient break downs.

A number of key concerns with the Lexus IS, GS and ES sedans involve the suspension. Many drivers experience noises from both front and rear suspension. We recommend a comprehensive inspection and testing to determine what the problem is and our Lexus experts are ready to help.

We hear complaints from Lexus drivers regarding shifting problems or lag in acceleration. This is a notorious problem with many of the Lexus models. We can check to see if your car’s software has been updated which should be done and may correct the problem. The automatic transmission fluid should be checked, evaluated and possibly changed as it was designed to last the lifetime of the car but doesn’t. If it needs further testing we will work with you to map out a plan that will work with your budget.

Here at Berkeley Bob’s our philosophy regarding check engine light concerns is to get it into the shop as soon as possible. It may be something small but having the car tested and inspected before it develops poor driving symptoms can save you time and money down the road.

Berkeley Bob’s is able to handle A/C recharging and has experience with Lexus A/C systems. If your Lexus isn’t blowing air or the air isn’t cold enough, give us a call to set up an appointment for an evaluation.

Lastly but probably most importantly we recommend an oil change maintenance service every 5,000 miles. We don’t follow the factory recommended oil change intervals for the Lexus vehicles. If you wait longer than 5,000 you risk developing sludge in the engine crankcase. This can lead to premature engine failure. Another problem we are seeing with longer oil change intervals is low oil level. Engines of all types will burn a small amount of oil which increases with higher mileage. Play it safe have your Lexus serviced regularly and keep an eye on the oil level in between oil changes.

Next time your Lexus needs service, give Berkeley Bob’s a call to schedule an appointment. We would love the opportunity to show you how excellent customer service, solid repair knowledge and our 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty will make us your forever garage.

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