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Brake Fluid Flush in Berkeley, CA

Brake Fluid Flush at Berkeley Bob's


Why should you change the brake fluid and what happens if you don’t?

         Brake fluid like all automotive fluid deteriorates with time and use.  The fluid loses its chemical and physical properties.  As part of the braking process, brake fluid is subject to high temperatures which further accelerate the loss of these properties, especially with extended downhill braking or frequently repeated braking in traffic situations.  Brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture.  The more moisture in the fluid the less efficient the vehicle braking is.  The old fluid that has a high moisture content actually destroys braking components due to corrosion and this leads to costly brake system repairs. 

How often does the brake fluid need to be changed?

         Berkeley Bob’s advises brake fluid be changed or a complete system flush to be performed every 2 years or approximately 20,000 miles.  If you drive hills frequently or commute in traffic then your car may need it more often.  Our technicians can test the brake fluid in your vehicle and let you know if it’s time for a brake fluid change.  Our nationally recognized ASE-certified technicians can also perform a complete brake inspection to see the health of your brake calipers, brake pads, brake rotors, brake drums (if equipped), and brake hoses. 

         Come into our Berkeley auto repair shop for brake fluid replacement and any other brake services you may need.  We offer a friendly atmosphere, convenient appointments usually within a day or two and work performed by our highly skilled ASE certified technicians as well as:

  • Best in the Business Warranty – 36 months/36,000 miles
  • Original equipment or better parts
  • Work completed in one day in most cases

         Our technicians can combine routine oil maintenance service with a brake inspection so you don’t have to make an additional trip to the shop.  When making an appointment simply let our service advisor know you’d like a complete brake inspection as well.

Berkeley Bob’s offers comprehensive auto maintenance services and repairs at our Berkeley auto repair facility.  So next time your vehicle needs a brake fluid change, auto maintenance, or repair call Berkeley Bob’s.  We are happy to be of service.


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