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Berkeley Kia Sportage Service and Repair

Berkeley Bob’s offers one stop care for your Kia Sportage. We provide a full range of Kia Sportage service and repair.

Depending on your Kia Sportage’s mileage we are equipped to offer all factory recommended service including oil change service, 30,000 mile service, 60,000 mile service and 90,000 mile service.

Whether your Sportage needs servicing or you suspect it may be facing major repairs our ASE certified mechanics will take excellent care of your vehicle. After we perform the necessary testing to identify the cause of your concern we will take the time to discuss the repair alternatives, obtain your approval before proceeding with repairs and complete any authorized repairs in a timely manner - one day for most repairs.

When you come to drop off your car you will meet our friendly staff who will happily provide you with prompt and courteous service.

Choosing the folks at Berkeley Bob’s as your service professionals presents you with the following benefits:

Our outstanding 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty on parts and labor

Original manufacturer or better quality parts

Same Day Service whenever possible provided your car is dropped off before 9:00 AM..

As a new customer you will automatically receive a complimentary vehicle inspection where we have the opportunity to check out the health of your Kia Sportage. As part of this inspection we will check your tire pressure and set it to the manufacturers advised pressure which helps reduce tire wear and actually can improve mileage. It’s important for us to know as much of your vehicle’s history as possible and this inspection gives us a window into the car’s past. We check current service items and all crucial mechanical systems. With information from this inspection we are able to create a service and repair map for you to use when determining what and when something should be addressed.

Kia cars have risen to be one of the better low cost vehicles on the market offering drivers comfort and performance usually found in more expensive makes. To get maximum value from your Kia Sportage Berkeley Bob’s suggests following the factory recommended service schedule and making an appointment at the first sign of trouble doing so allows us to possibly save you from expensive repairs. Bringing the car to Berkeley Bob’s immediately after noticing a noise, warning light or performance issue allows our experienced ASE trained techs to locate and correct the source of the problem early.

The Kia Sportage cars have a breadth of repair issues which vary widely based on the year and engine type of the vehicle. The model years 2011, 2012 and 2013 have known problems with the engine bearings and many are under a recall. When you bring the car in for service we will be able to check and see if your vehicle qualifies for the recall. There are a handful of other recalls for electrical components on various year Kia Sportages. We have seen particular lighting faults affecting the interior and exterior lighting on some later models.

So if you’re looking for the right place to drive your Kia Sportage for service and repair, look no further, set your navigation for Berkeley Bob’s, the premier Kia Sportage repair facility in the area servicing Berkeley, Albany, Oakland and Emeryville. Give us a call and schedule your appointment today.

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