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Berkeley Hyundai Service and Repair

Berkeley Hyundai Service and Repair | Berkeley Bob's

The Korean Auto manufacturer has really made the scene in the US offering drivers an economical, reliable auto with longevity. The models Hyundai is selling encompass a wide range of driver needs from a sporty coupe, Veloster to a large sport utility, Santa Fe and many in between models like Accent, Elantra, Azera and Tuscon. People are drawn to the lower cost and longer warranty Hyundais come with.

Berkeley Bob’s is the perfect Berkeley auto repair shop to have your Hyundai serviced. We can perform the manufacturer’s mileage service and still keep your warranty valid. We will also alert you to any warranty issues we see and refer you to dealer for a fix. Our trained technicians know just what to look for when your car is in for service. Every car in our shop gets a complimentary 27 point inspection. Anything reported will be prioritized based on safety and our service manager will review the findings along with providing a detailed written estimate for repair. Your safety is our biggest concern at Berkeley Bob’s.

Hyundai cars are known for their excellent fuel economy which often results in 30 or better miles to the gallon of gas. It’s important for Hyundai owners to have the engine oil level checked and the oil changed at 5,000 mile or less intervals. This is due to the high efficiency engine design which has tight manufacturing tolerances and therefore cannot circulate older thick engine oil sufficiently. This lack of lubrication can cause premature main engine bearing wear and reduce the life of your vehicle.

Fluid changes are the most primarily forgotten service item. If you bought your Hyundai new it came with a 2 or 3 year service contract. This contract entitled you to no charge services for the first few years or approximately 36,000 miles. During this time the dealership would have been providing the 15,000 and 30,000 mile services interspersed with oil change services. Many dealerships operate by paying their technicians on a flat rate system. I won’t describe how it works but will say on many occasions at Berkeley Bob’s we’ve observed filthy dirty fluid in systems that were supposedly changed by the dealership. Not a big deal? Not if you’re planning on trading the car in at 30,000 miles. But for most of us who plan on keeping the car a few years after it’s paid off it could mean having to replace something major like an automatic transmission before the car hits 60,000 miles. At Berkeley Bob’s we employ a chemical test to identify if your car’s brake fluid, engine coolant or transmission fluid is past its prime and recommend replacement to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Elantra, Santa Fe and Sonata models have a known habit of developing an oil leak from the front of the engine. If this is not repaired it can take out the alternator by leaking oil into the armature and causing permanent damage to the alternator. We check for this on all the Hyundai’s we see for service. You’ll be informed if your vehicle has this condition and we can take care of this by replacing the leaking engine gasket before it destroys the alternator and leaves you stranded.

Most Hyundais built prior to 2011 are equipped with a timing belt. This rubber belt drives the camshaft(s). Hyundais have an interference engine. What this means is the tight configuration engine design would result in valve (engine) damage if the timing belt breaks while driving the car. To avoid this situation you should have it changed before or at the manufacturer’s suggested interval - for most models that is at 90,000 miles – there are a few exceptions so check your owner’s manual for exact mileage. At Berkeley Bob’s we also like to evaluate the engine’s water pump when replacing a timing belt and replace it if it shows signs of wear as it saves time and money to have it done with the timing belt.

Besides the normal vehicle wear items such as brakes and tires, Hyundai cars don’t require a lot of repairs and are one of the lowest maintenance vehicles on the road. Just keep up with your oil changes and fluid flushes and they can provide years of solid transportation.

When your Hyundai needs service, give us a call, or setup an appointment online.

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