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Subaru A/C (Air conditioning) Maintenance and Repair in Berkeley, Ca

Subaru A/C (Air conditioning) Maintenance and Repair in Berkeley, Ca


When there's a heat wave and your Subaru's air conditioning is not performing at it’s peak, many people are quick to get it repaired to avoid driving in sweltering conditions. At Berkeley Bob’s we offer comprehensive Subaru a/c maintenance and repairs.  


A properly functioning air conditioning system can make a significant difference in your daily commute on hot and even cold wet days, because the air conditioner not only cools the air on hot days but is used by the cars defroster to help defog the windshield quickly. If your Subaru A/C isn't blowing any air, the airflow is weak, your windshield is fogging or you notice an unusual smell it's important not to hesitate to have it inspected.


Modern Air conditioning systems can be very complex, most modern cars have a complete Climate Control System and the air conditioner is just a small part of it. So when problems arise it requires the expertise of a skilled technician.  


The climate control system in your Subaru consists of multiple parts, from the climate control computer to a dual sides duct system that allows both the driver and passenger to be able to choose different temperatures at the same time.  The Subaru’s Climate control system is designed to run as efficiently as possible, to minimize the amount of energy taken from the engine when its running.  The A/C compressor is belt driven so when the driver turns on the A/the compressor will engage and draw power from the engine., thus effects engine horsepower output and the fuel mileage. 

Symptoms You Need Subaru AC Repair

Here are some indications that it's time to have your Subaru's A/C checked and repaired:


● Lack of Cooling. If the airflow appears to be fine but the air blowing out is not as cold as it should be, there may be several reasons for this. The most common cause is related to the refrigerant which circulates throughout the system.  A leak, even a small one in any of the A/C system components, o rings, pipes or fittings will allow the refrigerant to leak out.    


● Weak Airflow. If the air is still cool, but the airflow is inadequate,issues in the climate control ducting system or a clogged cabin filtercould be causing this problem. 


● Foul smells coming from air ductsOn start up you may experience a bad odor inside the car that smells like dirty gym socks.  If that happens the A/C system should be professionally disinfected.



Foul or moldy smells coming from your cars air ducts is one of the most common problems that comes up in modern climate control systems. Moldy smells usually come from stagnate moisture that has not drained out of the a/c evaporator and commonly is caused by a clogged evaporator drain tube.  Once mold is allowed to grow inside the cars a/c system it will need to be cleaned and disinfected by a professional.


If you encounter any of these issues with your Subaru's A/C operation it is advisable to have it promptly inspected by a qualified technician. They can check and test the system, find the problem and perform the necessary repairs to restore optimal cooling performance to your Subaru.


Even if you aren’t experiencing problems it’s important to have your Subaru’s A/C system tested annually to prevent inadequate operation when you need it the most.  At Berkeley Bob’s we recommend annual A/C system maintenance, such as having an A/C refrigerant refill performedand replacing the cabin filterSo, if your Subaru has an A/C problem or just needs maintenance, the technicians at Berkeley Bob’s have the necessary tools and equipment and are ready to help, you can make an online appointment or simply give us a call.

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