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A few simple DIY Maintenance Tasks

A few simple DIYMaintenance Tasks Vehicle owners may be tempted to forego maintenance because they think it’s expensive and not necessary.However, regular maintenance is necessary because it can help prevent more expensive repairs and breakdowns in the future.Not changing the oil regularly can lead to premature engine wear and failure or cause your car to run poorly. On occasion we have a customer who wants to do some of their car maintenance themselves.There is no reason a skilled and enthused person shouldn’t give some service items on their vehicle a try.Performing some of the basic service items can save money if done correctly of course. Safety first, only physically fit individuals should attempt any maintenance item that requires them to bend over the engine compartment, squat by the wheel for more than a minute or two or climb under the vehicle.And always, always use jack stands properly if raising the car up with a service jack.Never use an old ... read more

Appetite for EVs spurs growth of new businesses in the US

The United States is hot on building a new industry; Lithium Car Batteries production.With almost every auto manufacturer offering an electric vehicle line up, the need for batteries in on a huge scale increase.Battery manufacturing plants are being built in several states creating what has been dubbed as the “Battery Belt”.From Michigan down to Georgia, battery factories have popped up – bringing with them an influx of cash and jobs. Employment in states with little industry prior to the EV movement is now blossoming. Current employment figures for the US EV battery industry is estimated to be 70,000, with workers based in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Ironically, the states that have seen an economic boost from the EV battery plants have been politically conservative states which have opposed climate legislation. However, no one is denying the 90 million dollar investment that has been made by companies li ... read more

What’s the shelf life of Gasoline?

What’s the shelf life of Gasoline? Curiously, not much thought is given to how long gasoline lasts. Gas pumps show us the price per gallon but have you ever noticed a “best when used before” date on the pump next to the octane rating?You probably haven’t, since it doesn’t exist.However, there is an expiration date on gas.So how do we determine what that is?Just how long does gas last and what happens if it’s met its expiration date? One component (which are many) of gasoline is Ethanol.It’s a major additive and accounts for up to 10% of the volume.Ethanol is hydrophilic, this means it likes water and draws water in through moist, humid environments; basements, sheds, semi-outdoor spaces like car ports or anywhere near bodies of water like lakes, streams or oceans.If gasoline is stored in a humid area, or actually most areas it absorbs water.In large amounts it becomes a problem, and can prevent a car from starting and can dam ... read more

Hyundai/Kia to Resolve Class Action Suit

Hyundai/Kia to Resolve Class Action Suit An agreement has been reached in the consumer class action litigation against Hyundai and Kia auto manufacturers.This comes as many Kia and Hyundai car owners had their vehicles stolen, the result of inadequate ignition security.All the cars involved did not have a push button ignition or an immobilizing anti-theft device.These standard security measures are commonplace on vehicle manufactured by other car makers and are to prevent such heists. Following a historically low year of thefts for Hyundai and Kia autos, a “challenge” video went viral describing how to quickly break into and steal 2011-2022 year vehicles caused a giant spike in thefts.The repair demand for the recovered vehicles caused not only a unprecedented need for ignition parts which left manufacturers scrambling to fill their shelves but also had the auto makers scrambling to improve security measures. There currently is a six month backorder for Kia and some Hyund ... read more


Hyundai Repair

Subaru A/C (Air conditioning) Maintenance and Repair in Berkeley, Ca

Subaru A/C(Air conditioning)Maintenance and Repair in Berkeley, Ca When there's a heat wave and your Subaru's air conditioning is not performing atit’speak, many people are quick to get it repaired to avoid driving in sweltering conditions. At Berkeley Bob’s we offer comprehensive Subaru a/c maintenance and repairs. A properly functioning air conditioningsystem can make a significant difference in your daily commuteon hot and even cold wet days, because the air conditioner not only cools the air on hot days but is used by the cars defroster to help defog the windshield quickly.If your Subaru A/C isn't blowing any air, the airflow is weak, your windshield is fogging or you notice an unusual smell it's important not to hesitate to have it inspected. Modern Air conditioning systems can be very complex, most modern cars have a complete Climate Control Systemandthe air conditioner is just a small part of it.So when problems arise it requires the expertise of a sk ... read more

Subaru Repair in Berkeley, CA

While Subaru is known for producing reliable cars, it is inevitable at some point in ownership you will be faced with an issue that will require professional advice and if needed move forward with a Subaru repair. Today’s cars are complex machines with intertwined systems, leading to the possibility for a part to break and cause a problem for the entire car. These issues can range from minor inconveniences to complete immobilization. Below are some of the most common Subaru repairs and maintenance items owners might have to deal with. At Berkeley Bob’s we are Subaru specialists able to handle most problems and repairs your Subaru may face. Common Subaru Repairs: Head Gaskets and Oil Leaks. Subaru vehicles have a history of head gasket issues, particularly in older models. The head gasket is a critical engine component that seals the cylinder head to the engine block. When it fails it generally leads to oil leakage and loss of performance. Under extreme ci ... read more

National Automotive Professional Certification Group partners with famous woman technician

National Automotive Professional Certification Group partners with famous woman technician BogiLateiner, American auto technician, small business owner, technical educator and reality television personality and star of “All GirlsGarage”has been contracted by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) to help promote testing and attract more people to join the industry. The partnership is scheduled to launch in July at the ASE Training Conference in North Carolina. Conference attendees are expected to include high school and college instructors and will have the opportunity to meetLateinerat the event. Lateinerhas 10years experienceworking as an industry management instructor and co-creator of “Girl Gang Garage”a program that trains women looking to enter the automotive industry. A very busy lady indeed, in addition to hosting her television showLateineralso produces a podcast called “With her Two Hands”. She is a huge promoter of women in automotive repai ... read more

Fourth largest automaker seeks eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Fourth largest automaker seeks eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries Stellantis, a multinational company between Italian conglomerate Fiat Chrysler and French PSA group responsible for sales of 16 different car brands including Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Chrysler is looking to invest in Silicon Valley based company, Lyten whose plan is to produce lithium-sulfur EV batteries.If successful this would eliminate the need for cobalt, nickel and manganese in the production of EV batteries.Instead they would be made with sulfur which could be domestically sourced eliminating the need to import from countries like Ukraine and China. Another plus is the sulfur-lithium batteries are estimated to have a carbon footprint 60% lower than the best lithium-ion batteries on the market today and can be manufactured in the same factories as well.Stellantis is hoping to be in on the ground floor when these batteries are developed by Lyten. This is great news for the world.As dema ... read more

“Big Brother” Tesla’s is watching

“Big Brother” Tesla’s is watching Tesla is accused of violating privacy concerns linked with their car’s surveillance cameras. In a lawsuit filed by vzbv (The Federation of German Consumer Organizations)in Berlin last July accuses Tesla misled consumers by not informing them by advertising their cars owners may be violating privacy data protection laws if the “sentry” mode feature which activates surveillance cameras in their cars was used in public areas to capture images and video of passers-by without their knowledge.Berlin’s data protection agency said the person driving the car would be responsible for turning off the cameras in public spaces or risk prosecution.Furthermore responsibility would extend to the carmaker if those images were transmitted to and stored by Tesla. Then earlier this year Tesla assured the public their privacy was being upheld among rumors their electric car owner’s camera footage was shared among its emplo ... read more

Volvo’s Polestar first to get YouTube

Volvo’s Polestar first to get YouTube Google announced in early May, all cars with “Google built in” will have YouTube available on their screens beginning with Volvo’s electric division Polestar. According to the company YouTube will only be available while parked and for passenger use.The ability to access YouTube directly from the front dash display screen increases the convenience.Cars will also be equipped with rear seat screens for backseat passenger entertainment and enjoyment. However, YouTube in cars is not new.Previously many newer vehicles could access YouTube through Android Auto, an app that runs through an android phone which then communicates wirelessly with the vehicle and allows the driver to access most of their phone apps through the car display.“Google built in” will now provide access to Google apps without the use of a phone.The new system is styled on a Linux-run open base mobile operating system and Google modified it to be ... read more

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