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Volkswagen Announces Electric Volkswagen ID.3

After the debacle with diesel emission cheating, Volkswagen has done a full 180 and in September, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will introduce electric Volkswagen ID.3  Details are still pretty sketchy, but Volkswagen has announced that it will offer three versions -  low end version with electric range of 200 miles, mid level version with the range of 260 miles, and the high end version with electric range of 340 miles.  As all electric cars, it will be a lively vehicle, with excellent acceleration.  While we don't have many details, it is supposed to be priced similarly to a fully equipped Volkswagen Golf TDI.  Naturally when the electric Volkswagen will become available in the US, we will provide full service for ID.3 owners. In the meantime,  we are happy to service and repair most Volkswagen models you may currently own. We will, of course, continue to keep you informed about this new exciting electric car

What happens after Toyota Supra’s 4 years free Apple CarPlay ends?

Road/Show has announced the top level 2020 Toyota Supras will be equipped with Apple CarPlay.  The Apple CarPlay is the infotainment system used widely by BMW.  Toyota is not offering an android option for their Supras.  However, they have introduced Google’s equivalent smart-phone mirroring on select Canadian and USA models namely; Sequoia, 4-Runner, Tacoma, Tundra and SUV’s.    Apple CarPlay will be free on the applicable Supras for 4 years then mostly likely an annual subscription fee will be charged like BMW has been doing.  Toyota’s offer of four years free is quite generous compared to BMW who initially offered the technology as a one-time cost option but now gives one year free then charges an $80 per year subscription.  When Motor 1 reached out to Toyota’s Customer Care Senior Analyst of Connected Technologies, Jarrod Marini regarding the billing plan for the future he said “We haven’t decided yet” (w ... read more

Samsung and Volvo Partner

The Volvo group has forged an agreement with Samsung SDI to develop and supply battery cells and modules for its Volvo electric trucks. Samsung will supply these components to the Volvo Group to be assembled in their manufacturing facilities and are for use in Volvo’s all electric trucks. Volvo Trucks of North America has quickly moved into the all electric truck area, their FL Electric trucks began rolling off the assembly line earlier this year.  An all-electric garbage truck is also in the works for Volvo as is an autonomous, cab-less all electric truck.  No stranger to electric vehicles their sister company, Volvo Buses have been manufacturing and selling all electric buses since 2010. Volvo is now expanding their VNR series with an all electric.  This all electric truck is being tested in California now with sales beginning in 2020.  Volvo says the new truck is ideal for heavy urban distribution, drayage and other regional applications an option for cit ... read more

Volvo to recall half a million cars

Volvo has announced via email it would recall 507,000 vehicles Worldwide. The effected years are 2014-2019. The models include their entire line-up S60, S80, S90, V40, V60, V70, V90, XC60, XC90 and are for cars fitted with the 2 liter, 4 cylinder diesel engines. This recall is due to a faulty engine component that can catch on fire. This component the intake manifold and is made of plastic. This plastic apparently over time can melt down, deform and can catch fire.   The company has made no reports of accidents or personal injuries related to the recall.  Volvo will send all vehicle owners with those cars a notification by mail asking them to seek out a local retailer for corrective action.  

EV batteries are rapidly coming down in price

Bloomberg NEF – provider of energy research and information predicts (April, 2019) that the cost of EV batteries will come down rapidly.  It’s estimated that by 2025 the cost of an EV battery will only be 20% of the entire vehicle cost. Even sooner Bloomberg  NEF reports that by 2022 EV will become the cheaper option. As of 2015 the battery cost was 57% of the entire vehicle price.  While this year they are down to 33% of the vehicle cost. At Berkeley Bob’s we welcome the rapid development of electric vehicles. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have the latest tools and training to safely handle the high voltage battery in your vehicle. We appreciate the improvement in air quality that the widespread adoption of electric vehicles provides

Japanese Car Production in UK unlikely after Brexit

All this talk of Brexit and nothing has been resolved.  This week the EU decided to extend implementation until October 31, 2019.  The world’s waiting anxiously to see what the Brexit deal will mean for both Britain and the European Union.  There’s so much uncertainty on how Britain will conduct business in Europe after Brexit.  Either way the automotive car makers are getting nervous and have already made changes that are effecting their car production in Britain. In February, Nissan announced it had decided to cancel their plan to expand the Sunderland manufacturing plant which turns out 520,000 cars a year and employs 7700 people in Northern England.  The proposed expansion was to produce Nissan SUVs, Qashqai and X-Trail and would have increased the two assembly line plant to three, employed an additional 3300 jobs people and injected the local economy with an estimated £254m in wages.  Then, in mid March Nissan made a second announc ... read more



Hyundai Motor Company Goes Green – Soy Wiring Insulation

Engine electrical wiring harnesses have traditionally been coated with a covering that is made from petroleum based plastic, this covering is called insulation.  However, Hyundai along with a few other manufacturers (Toyota, Kia, Subaru and Honda) made an effort to change tradition and move in a “green” direction.  That is they decided to go eco-friendly (and safe a few bucks in the process) and change their vehicle wiring harness insulation composition to a soy based “bioplastic” product.  This new material will keep the plastic insulation out of landfills, be biodegradable and of course be cheaper to manufacturer.          That’s all good right?  Not so, as it turns out a group of rodents or rats and mice, to be exact,  found out about the new cache of soy based wire insulation being stored under the hoods of Hyundai automobiles everywhere.  The rodents not only feast on the (yummy?) ... read more


Hyundai Repair

New car batteries are failing sooner - JD Powers

JD Powers did an annual survey of vehicle owners, and results were quite interesting - newer cars are having more problems with batteries. It turns out auxiliary car batteries are failing sooner. Normally you would expect a good quality battery to last 5 years or so but now they are failing at an increased rate after two or three of years of use. As it turns out the culprits are info systems, entertainment systems as well as the modern key fobs.  Info and entertainment systems are known power hogs because software updates and telemetry communications that occur while the car is parked create additional drain on the battery – not terribly surprising. But the key fob is an interesting story.  It turns out many fobs are part of a proximity key system (that allows an owner to unlock and start the car while keeping the key fob in his or her pocket or purse).  This function can also drain a car battery’s charge at an accelerated rate when the activating key fob ... read more



Starting in 2019 Volvo will produce only hybrids and electric cars

Starting in 2019 Volvo will produce only hybrids and electric cars Volvo announced that starting in 2019 all new Volvos will either be electric or hybrid models. Volvo management wants to open a new chapter in auto history – after over 100 years of the internal combustion engine ruling the world. Actually, it’s a return to the early days of automobile industry – at the beginning of the 20th century, internal combustion engine was just one of the three contenders – the other two were steam engines and electric engines. With the modern technology increasing efficiency and improving power management, the electric engines are coming back strong. Volvo promises three Volvo models, and two high performance electric cars from Polestar, Volvo’s performance car division. They plan to sell over 1 million electric cars by 2025. At Berkeley Bob’s we are electric and hybrid specialists, so you can bring your new Volvo hybrids to us, knowing that your car is in ... read more



Are You Ready for the Era of the Driver-less Car?

Are You Ready for the Era of the Driver-less Car?

Currently it’s against the law to have a self driving vehicle on the road. However, four US states—California, Nevada, Florida, Michigan and District of Columbia have all passed laws allowing driverless cars to operate on public highways and roads. Just one short step from completely driverless cars, Google currently has 23 Lexus RX450h hybrid SUV vehicles equipped with the company's self driving technology roaming the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area. These cars are racking up approximately 10,000 miles per month, and in June of this year Google claimed to have logged just over million miles. And now that there has already been a fair amount of test driving in place, Google has decided to move into car manufacturing. Over the last few years the company has been housing its self propelling technology in cars made by Toyota (Prius), VW (Beetle) and Lexus (RX450h), but now Google is developing its own vehicle. Photo Courtesy of Google Google has wisely chosen to p ... read more

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