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What’s A DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection)?

What’s A DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection)?

Now that Berkeley Bob’s has added this beneficial service to all of our oil maintenance services, we’d like our clients to know more about them.So what is a digital vehicle inspection aka DVI?It is a 23 point vehicle inspection that digitally documents in a variety of ways any areas of concern.Depending on what the technician notices, they will either mark the item green (tests good, no problem), yellow (monitor and recheck later) or red (needs attention and repair).The technician can expand on any inspected item by creating detailed notes next to the line item.These notes can include basic information such as: “timing belt sticker missing” or “spark plugs due by mileage” or more pressing issues like “brake pads are worn to metal backing plate” or “water pump shows signs of leakage”.The notes sometimes mention recent work, noting new components or areas that have been serviced.This new digital format allows the techs to also take and store photos or videos of areas or components on your vehicle that need attention or should be monitored.

The DVI makes it easier to understand “mechanic talk” because we are able to show videos and photos of the car’s concerns.And because these notes are linked to the client’s history file they are available for reference whenever needed.They can be emailed to the clients as well.As is our policy, we send these reports along with any notes, videos and photos when applicable, to the clients, so they may review our findings first hand.From there our service writer follows up with a phone call to address questions concerning the inspection results and prepare a repair plan if needed.Choosing a garage that provides a DVI will elevate and simplify your auto repair experience.Because the service is new, many auto garages don’t perform digital vehicle inspections, but they are becoming the norm for premier service and repair facilities.

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