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Honda AC Refill in Berkeley, CA

An A/C that no longer blows as cold as it once used to can be a nightmare for anyone driving in warmer climates. While there can be a whole host of issues that can result in your Honda’s air conditioning performing worse than it should be sometimes all you may need is a Honda A/C refill or recharge.

Components of a Honda AC

Before going into what an a/c refill or recharge entails, it’s good to have a basic understanding of how your Honda actually cools the air.

The basic concept involves the manipulation of a refrigerant between its liquid and gas state. As it changes states, it can absorb heat and humidity. This manipulation of the refrigerant requires a slew of parts.

The compressor is one of the major components of your a/c. This not only pushes the refrigerant through the system but also compresses it into a high-pressure/high-temperature gas that absorbs the surrounding heat. 

The refrigerant then travels to a condenser which lowers the temperature and changes it back into a liquid. Following that is an expansion valve that regulates the flow of the refrigerant. Here both the pressure and temperature fall even more. 

Finally, the refrigerant changes back into a gaseous state in the evaporator which is the only component of the system that resides in the interior of the car. The air is cooled and dried as it blows across the evaporator.

What Is a Honda AC Refill?

As one can see the refrigerant is vital to the cooling properties of an a/c system. Since the system is a closed-loop typically there are no worries about having to “top up” the fluid levels as the refrigerant gets recycled indefinitely. However, if there is a leak somewhere in the system, then the refrigerant levels will drop and you will notice that your a/c is not blowing as cold as it once used to.

When you take your Honda to Berkeley Bob’s they’ll identify if there is a leak in the system.  Once identified the technician will prepare a repair plan and with authorization begin repairs.  First the refrigerant is completely evacuated using a specialized machine that prevents it leaking into the atmosphere.  Next the damaged components will be removed and replaced in an effort to completely seal the system.  Lastly your system will be refilled to the appropriate level.

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