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Honda Repair in Berkeley, California

While Honda makes reliable cars, it is inevitable that some owners will be unfortunate enough to face some issues with their Honda during their ownership. At Berkeley Bob’s we offer complete Honda care. While cars have become better adapted for their use on the road, easier for the driver to operate and increased reliability at the same time they have become highly complex machines with dozens of computerized controls.When they fail, your Honda can run up against a myriad of potential problems.

These issues can range from minor inconveniences to concerns that are completely immobilizing. Below are some of the most common Honda repairs that you may encounter.

Common Honda Repairs

  • Transmission Issues. Issues with the transmission will be hard to ignore and are very apparent. Typical issues with the transmission will result in jerky shifts between gears that will prevent the car from accelerating smoothly. Other erratic shifts might result in the car suddenly decelerating.
  • Leaks. Your Honda’s engine is comprised of a multitude of tubes, pipes, seals and o-rings amongst other things. As age and mileage accumulate, these components can fail and cause your engine’s fluids to leak necessitating a replacement.
  • Brake Issues. It is inevitable that you will need to replace your brake pads and rotors after certain amount of miles which vary due to driving conditions. Changing your brake pads is part of routine maintenance which every car owner will go through. It’s imperative that you have your Honda’s brakes inspected annually.Don’t put off these repairs as having a car that stops efficiently is important.
  • Electrical Issues. Your Honda’s electric system is complex and plays a part in almost every aspect of your car. As such, electrical issues can result in rather annoying issues such as your power windows not working or your climate control system malfunctioning. However, the issues can be more serious and prevent your car from starting at all. It’s difficult to diagnose and repair an electrical issue, so be sure to contact a qualified technician.
  • Water Pump Failure. The water pump is a critical engine component that is responsible for pumping coolant through your engine. When this pump fails it can result in your motor overheating.Always have your Honda’s cooling system inspected regularly to spot issues with the water pump before it fails.

So if your Honda needs a bit of tender, loving care, call our Berkeley auto repair shop and we will be happy to make an appointment that fits your schedule.

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