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Volvo Looks to Lead in Autonomous Driving - Volvo Ride Pilot

As the automotive industry trends towards advancements in electric and autonomous mobility, Volvo looks to top of the competition. The Swedish automaker not only has one of the most ambitious electrification goals, but they have also recently unveiled their newest autonomous driving system. Known as Volvo Ride Pilot, the system looks to deliver a hands-free driving experience for years to come.

Volvo Ride Pilot

Undertaking the task in collaboration with technology partners Zenseact and Luminar, Volvo looks to standardize Level 3 autonomy with LIDAR. Zenseact, who spun off from Volvo itself, will handle the software involved. Luminar, a leader in LIDAR technology, will provide the system with its most critical hardware components.

In practice, a LIDAR system sends out thousands of laser pulses and measures the time it takes for them to return, allowing a detailed measurement of the surrounding area to be made in real-time. The Volvos system will include five radar sensors, eight cameras, 16 ultrasonic sensors, and a LIDAR unit.

While Volvo doesn’t foresee the system as capable of delivering full autonomous driving in every weather condition, monitored autonomous features will be available at all times. Under ideal conditions, the companies goals allow the driver to divert their attention and keep their hands off the wheel. However, as a rated Level 3 system, options like sleeping won’t be recommended.

Currently, most autonomous features on the market are rated at Level 2, requiring drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and pay full attention to road conditions. As autonomous levels climb, expected driver involvement will decrease.

Looking for a quick release, Volvo plans to implement the system in its upcoming electric SUV, planned to unveil at the end of this year. Currently, Volvo has been conducting autonomous tests in both Sweden and California. Utilizing over-the-air software updates, the company can continuously improve and enhance the system as technology progresses.

While Volvo continues to push the envelope on autonomous driving technology, at Berkeley Bob’s we continue to increase our skills so we are ready for the new era of computerized Volvo vehicles. Berkeley Bob’s continues to be the leading Volvo repair shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we will continue to provide our customers with top-of-the-line Volvo diagnostic services and repairs. So next time your Volvo needs oil service, or is facing problems requiring use of VIDA tool to diagnose the root cause of the issue – give us a call.


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