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Berkeley Subaru Outback Service and Repair


Berkeley Subaru Outback Service and RepairSubaru Outback Bóxer Diésel by David Villarreal Fernández, used under CC BY 2.0

Whether you bought a Subaru to haul your family around town or to take you on out of town adventures, you couldn’t have chosen more wisely than the Subaru Outback.  This all wheel drive wagon is a powerhouse.  Don’t let the practical design fool you, the Outback offers a sporty feel behind the wheel, excellent handling in harsh weather conditions and has one of the best crash test results.   

The Subaru Outback is a popular car in the SF Bay Area due to the increase in popularity of outdoor sports and the need for a vehicle that could compete with rough roads, icy conditions and the like.  Subaru was the first car manufacturer to offer a front-wheel drive to the consumer.  The manufacturer was first known as FHI (Fuji Heavy Industries) the conglomerate of several Japanese companies hence their clever use of the name Subaru for their vehicles which means “unite” in Japanese.  They have been producing cars since the 1950’s and brought them to the US in the early 1970’s.   After much success and some refining, Subaru’s 2019 line-up offers 8 different models however the Outback is their most popular one.

We love Outback for its versatility and reliability.   At Berkeley Bob’s we decided it would best serve our customers if we recommend increasing the maintenance interval from 7,500 mile to every 5,000 miles.  It has been our experience the Outback 4 cylinder 2.5 liter engine tends to burn a small amount oil with normal operation and if left unchecked over the 7500 mile driving time period the engine will likely be run low on oil.  Therefore we feel it is critical to either shorten the oil maintenance cycle or have the customer make it a habit to check the engine oil level after driving 4,000 – 5,000 miles (or more frequently for higher mileage cars) and top up if needed.  

Another area of the vehicle we like to keep an eye on is the CVT and front axles.  The Subaru Outback is an all-wheel drive vehicle.  The transmission is special and is particular to all wheel drive vehicle.  CVT is short for continuously variable transmission.  The unit should be serviced regularly to avoid breakdowns.  It is a highly specialized transmission and should only be serviced by technicians with Subaru experience, as it can become damaged easily if it receives incorrect fluid or the amount of fluid is incorrect.  When you bring the car to Berkeley Bob’s we check the axles for damage or wear every time we perform an oil maintenance service.  Inspecting fluid and monitoring the performance prevents breakdown on the road.

What you can expect when you bring your Subaru Outback to Berkeley Bob’s service facility:

• Best in the Business warranty 3 Years / 36,000 Miles 
• Original Subaru quality or better parts
• ASE certified auto technicians
• Subaru computer scan tool
• Early bird drop off and after hours pick-up available
• Same Day Service whenever possible when your drop off before 9:00 AM.

So whether your Subaru Outback needs regular maintenance or you suspect repairs are needed,  bring it to Berkeley Bob’s and experience our professionalism, friendly office staff and genuine concern for the well being of your Subaru Outback.  An appointment awaits you just a phone call away.

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